Join Our Government Team As Vendor

Join Us As A Vendor

Take advantage of our background checks for potential or existing government employees in accordance with applicable Federal, State and local regulations.

Examples of our services include: Verification of previous employers; salary histories; criminal records checks; education verification; and credit history checks.

All of our investigation activities are conducted in compliance with the Fair Credit Report Act as amended. Upon request, our investigative services offered will include Local Agency Check (LAC), National Agency Check with Local Agency Checks and credit checks (NACLC), Single Scope Background Investigations (SSBI), SSBI – Periodic Reinvestigation (SSBI-PR) and Single Scope Background Investigations – Misconduct Investigations (SSBI-MI).

These investigative services are directed to support the authorized Government Department/Agencies in acquiring Reports of Investigation (ROI) for public trust and in compliance with appropriate sections of the United States Code (i.e. Title 5, Title 15), Executive Orders and requesting Department/Agency Directives, Policies and Procedures and NISPOM