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Background Check Services And Benefits

We know that you would consider many factors in your decision to select the best Background screening provider. We would like to make it easier for you in this decision-making process by presenting you with our objectives. You will experience the following benefits once you choose Background Check Providers for your background screening solutions:

Why Choose Us

Cost Effective

Our rates are the most affordable you can imagine whether looking at your own in-house screening expenditures or that of your local supplemental background check companies. Our many years of service in the industry have given us the competitive edge in screening the right professionals to meet your needs.


Most of the clients we service renew our contractual agreements time and again because of our service reliability and dependability. Our support for you is backed by a pool of available competent staff with quality integrated platforms. Our thorough screening procedures and diligent efforts allow you to depend on our professional services.

Timely response

If you are interested in reviewing the service performance of a background check provider, then find out its response rate to service orders. At Background Check Providers, this is one of the areas we have made our mark. We are able to offer our clients incredible response time to service orders without compromising quality. Try us and you will soon join those satisfied clients who always speak well of our service delivery.


We back our services up with years of experience. Within this period, we have recreated innovative screening ideas, intensified our screening and technological activities across the country, and more importantly, prepared our professionals in meeting new challenges - all for the purpose of providing our clients with quality service. You too can tap into this same pool of competent professionals in servicing your company.

Proven Industry Leadership

  • Proven provider of lower risk hiring through network of secured platforms
  • Cutting-edge Vendor Management System designed for your needs
  • Flexible lower pricing options that address your unique needs
  • Strongest screening and compliance services in the industry
  • Infusion of technologies to optimize better hiring decisions
  • Supporting your needs with the largest national footprint
  • Quick report turnaround for risk management directives

Background Check Providers

Global Background Check

International Criminal Search

We do international criminal search for felonies, misdemeanors, declarations and other criminal charges from many countries.

International Identity Search

We’ll confirm identities of people from most countries, using passports, ID cards, licenses and related documents.

International Credit Reports

We provide fully compliant reports which are used to add another level of identifying your applicant.

Contact Us to provide comprehensive background checks for all your potential or existing employees in compliance with the Fair Credit Report Act as amended.

Our services offer:

• Improved Performance Metrics
• Improved Operating Metrics
• Improved Quality Outcomes
• Improved time to fulfillment
• Improved Risk Management
• Improved Cost Management